Top Choice Breakfast in Calgary

1886 Buffalo Cafe

This is a true salt-of-the-earth diner in the high-rise-dominated city center. Built in 1911 and the only surviving building from the lumber yard once here, the interior feels fairly authentic with family photos and…
Top Choice Cafe in Calgary

Al Forno Cafe & Bakery

This ultra-modern, super-comfortable cafe is the kind of place you'll want to hang out all day. Beer on tap, carafes of wine and excellent coffee won't discourage you from lingering, nor will magazines, comfy sofas …
Top Choice Canadian in Calgary


With an earthy yet futuristic feel, award-winning Market has gone a step further in the fresh-local trend. Not only does it bake its own bread, it butchers and cures meat, makes cheese and grows 16 varieties of heir…
Steak in Calgary

Caesar's Steak House

In Naples, you eat pizza. In Vancouver, you eat salmon. In Calgary, you eat prime Alberta AAA steak – right here. They cut each steak individually and live by the mantra: size matters. The outside looks like a giant…
Burgers in Calgary

Peter's Drive-In

In 1962 Peter's opened its doors and locals have been flocking here ever since to a largely unchanged menu of super-thick shakes, burgers off the grill and fries that make no pretense of being healthy. It's a true d…
Seafood in Calgary


The problem for any saltwater fish restaurant in landlocked Calgary is that if you're calling it fresh, it can't be local. Overcoming the conundrum, the lively, ever-popular Catch, situated in an old bank building o…
Fusion in Calgary


It's true, you could miss this small oasis tucked along a busy street and that would be a shame. Inside this trendy gastro haven, an acclaimed chef oversees an ever-evolving menu of fine dishes like smoked ricotta r…
Breakfast in Calgary

Galaxie Diner

Looking more authentic than themed, this classic, no-nonsense 1950s diner serves all-day breakfasts, burgers and milkshakes. Squeeze into a booth, grab a pew at the bar or (more likely) join the queue at the door.
Fusion in Calgary


One of the city's most celebrated restaurants, Rouge is located in a historic 1891 mansion in Inglewood. It's to hard to get a table, but once inside, enjoy the inspired, sustainable food and exceptional fit-for-a-k…
Italian in Calgary


With an authentic pizza oven, Pulcinella specializes in amazing thin crispy Neapolitan pizzas with purposefully simple toppings. You won't want to leave without trying the homemade gelato with flavors like black che…