Top Choice Museum in Calgary

Glenbow Museum

With an extensive permanent collection and an ever-changing array of traveling exhibitions, the impressive Glenbow has plenty for the history buff, art lover and pop-culture fiend to ponder. Temporary exhibits are o…
Top Choice Museum in Calgary

National Music Centre

Looking like a whimsical copper castle, this fabulous new museum is entirely entertaining, taking you on a ride through Canada's musical history with cool artifacts (like the guitar Guess Who used to record 'America…
Gallery in Calgary

Contemporary Calgary

This small, inspiring modern art gallery has four floors of temporary exhibits that change every four months. The gallery has plans to move to the former Centennial Planetarium in the southwest; renovations are due …
Amusement Park in Calgary

Calaway Park

Children of all ages will enjoy Calaway Park, Western Canada's largest outdoor family amusement park. It features 30 rides from wild to mild, live stage entertainment, 22 food vendors, 28 different carnival games, a…
Notable Building in Calgary

Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre

Inside this impressive landmark building, built by skilled Chinese artisans in 1993, you'll find a magnificent 21m-high dome ornately painted with 561 dragons and other imagery. Its design was inspired by Beijing's …
Notable Building in Calgary

Calgary Tower

This 1968 landmark tower is an iconic feature of the Calgary skyline, though it has now been usurped by numerous taller buildings and is in danger of being lost in a forest of skyscrapers. There is little doubt that…
Zoo in Calgary

Calgary Zoo

More than 1000 animals from around the world, many in enclosures simulating their natural habitats, make Calgary's zoo one of the top rated in North America. The zoo's well-regarded conservation team study, reintrod…
Park in Calgary

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Cradling the southwest edge of Calgary, this huge park is a sanctuary of wilderness hidden within the city limits. Countless trails intertwine to form a labyrinth, to the delight of walkers, mountain bikers and the …
Historic Site in Calgary

Fort Calgary Historic Park

In 1875 Calgary was born at Fort Calgary. The site today is occupied by a replica of a military barracks that stood here in the 1880s (the original fort has long since disappeared). Inside the barracks is an interpr…
Nature Reserve in Calgary

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Get the flock over here. With more than 260 bird species calling the sanctuary home, you're assured of meeting some feathered friends. It's a peaceful place, with walking paths and benches to observe the residents.