Museum in Brockville & Prescott

Fulford Place

This stunning 35-room Edwardian mansion was built in the early 1900s for quack-medicine millionaire George Taylor Fulford, the producer of the 'Pink Pills for Pale People.' Why not stop for a cup of tea on the...

Museum in Brockville & Prescott

Brockville Museum

Take a look at the area's history here, where you'll find displays on Brockville's bygone car-building and hat-making industries among other community tidbits. The museum encompasses the Isaac Beecher House,...

Historic Building in Brockville & Prescott

Fort Wellington National Historic Site

The original fort was built during the War of 1812 and was used again as a strategic locale in 1838, when an American invasion seemed imminent. Some original fortifications remain, as do the barracks, powder...

Historic Site in Brockville & Prescott

Brockville Railway Tunnel

In Armagh S Price Park, diagonally opposite the tourist office, look out for the entrance to Canada's oldest railway tunnel, dating from 1860. Reopened in 2017, the new tunnel features light shows and music...

Museum in Brockville & Prescott


Opened in 2016, this all-singing, all-dancing interactive center geared toward children brings to life the St Lawrence Seaway, its currents and shipwrecks.