LGBT Travellers

Canada is one of the most LGBT-friendly countries on the planet, although you might still come across uncommon pockets of prejudice in rural areas. In 2005, Canada became the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

Halifax is by far this region’s gayest city, with a humming nightlife scene, publications and lots of associations and support groups. It has a sizeable pride celebration, too, which attracts big crowds. While very low-key, Prince Edward Island also has a decent-sized gay population and has a small pride event in July.

The following are good resources for gay travel; they include Canadian information, though not all are exclusive to the region.

Damron ( Publishes several travel guides, including Men's Travel Guide, Women's Traveller and Damron Accommodations; gay-friendly tour operators are listed on the website too.

Gay Canada ( Search by province or city for queer-friendly businesses and resources.

Lesbian & Gay Hospitality Exchange International ( A network of gay and lesbian hosts who offer travelers accommodations in their homes or offer hospitality to visitors.

Out Traveler ( Gay travel magazine.

Purple Roofs ( Website listing queer accommodations, travel agencies and tours worldwide.

Queer Canada ( A general resource.

Xtra ( Source for gay and lesbian news nationwide.