Checking flights...


The nearest airport is Calgary International Airport. Over 20 shuttle buses a day operate year-round between the airport and Banff. Buses are less frequent in the spring and fall. Companies include Brewster Transportation and Banff Airporter. The adult fare for each is around $55 to $65 each way.


Greyhound Canada operates buses to Calgary ($28, one hour 40 minutes, four daily), Vancouver ($104, 13 hours, four daily) and points in between.

Brewster Transportation will pick you up from your hotel. It services Calgary ($65, one hour 15 minutes), Jasper ($100, five hours, daily) and Lake Louise ($30, one hour, several daily).

SunDog also runs transport between Banff and Jasper (adult/child $69/39, five hours, daily) and Lake Louise ($20, one hour, daily).

Car & Motorcycle

All of the major car-rental companies have branches in Banff Town. During summer all vehicles might be reserved in advance, so call ahead. If you're flying into Calgary, reserving a car at the airport (where the fleets are huge) may yield a better deal than waiting to pick up a car when you reach Banff Town.