Top Choice Cafe in Lake Louise

Lake Agnes Teahouse

The 3.4km view-filled hike from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes is one of the area's most popular – surely because it ends here, at this fabulously rustic alpine teahouse that seems to hang in the clouds beside the ethere…
Top Choice Cafe in Canmore


Locally run, ethically aware and all organic, this community cafe somehow manages to sidestep any crusty hippy vibe with a warm, relaxed feel and simple style. Food is ultra fresh and an explosion of flavor: think n…
Cafe in Lake Louise

Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse

Constructed in 1927 as a way station for Swiss mountaineering guides leading clients up to the summit of Mt Victoria, this twin-level log chalet looks like something out of the pages of Heidi. Nestled in a quiet gla…
Cafe in Jasper Town & Around

Coco's Cafe

If you're looking for breakfast, you can't go wrong at Coco's. There's not much room inside, but many are happy to cram in to plan hikes and trade bear sightings. There's plenty of locally sourced, vegan, veggie and…
Cafe in Banff Town

Wild Flour

If you're in a need of a relatively guilt-free treat, come here for cheesecake, dark-chocolate torte or – well, 'and' really – macaroons. These, along with breakfasts, well-stuffed sandwiches on homemade bread, and …
Cafe in Lake Louise

Bill Peyto’s Café

Lively Peyto's is a popular hangout, with live music and a decent bar. The menu's not fancy but the food is consistently good. Fill up on homemade granola or a burrito huevo for breakfast; try seafood chili or mac '…
Cafe in Canmore

Rocky Mountain Bagel

Is there anything better in life than sitting under the flower baskets at Rocky Mountain Bagel, studying the morning shadows on the Three Sisters peaks while enjoying a toasted maple bagel and a latte? Possibly not.…
Cafe in Banff Town

Evelyn's Coffee Bar

Pushing Starbucks onto the periphery, Evelyn's parades two downtown locations, both on Banff Ave. Dive in to either one of them for wraps, pies and – best of all – its own selection of giant homemade cookies, the sa…
Cafe in Lake Louise

Lodge of the Ten Peaks

Fill up for the day on the Sasquatch breakfast sandwich, or pick up a burger or hot dog for lunch in this mountainside cafeteria.