Top things to do in Avalon Peninsula

Top Choice Art in Southeastern Avalon Peninsula

Running the Goat

This active printing press is a bibliophile's dream. Owner Marnie Parsons gives tours of her presses, one from 1830s London. In addition to handmade poetry chapbooks and manifestos, there's a wonderful selection of …
Top Choice Lighthouse in Cape Spear

Cape Spear Lighthouse

Constructed in 1835, the oldest surviving lighthouse in the province sits on the dramatic headlands of the continent's most easterly point.
Top Choice Sandwiches in Ferryland

Lighthouse Picnics

Lighthouse Picnics has hit upon a winning concept: it provides a blanket and organic picnic meal (say, a curried chicken sandwich, mixed-green salad and lemonade from a Mason jar) that visitors wolf down while sitti…
Top Choice Seafood in Goulds & Petty Harbour

Chafe's Landing

Most folks here day trip from St John's specifically for these fish-and-chips, the freshest you can find. Lines get long and parking might be impossible, but it's worth it. It also serves locally made moose sausage,…
Park in Witless Bay Ecological Reserve & Around

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Consisting of four islands in Witless Bay, the reserve is North America's largest Atlantic puffin colony with over 260,000 pairs nesting here during the late spring and summer. In fact, every summer, more than a mil…
Park in Southeastern Avalon Peninsula

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Designated a World Heritage site in 2016, this ecological reserve protects 575-million-year-old multicelled marine fossils – the oldest in the world. The only way to reach it is via a free, ranger-guided, 45-minute …
Park in Southeastern Avalon Peninsula

La Manche Provincial Park

Diverse birdlife, along with beaver, moose and snowshoe hare, can be seen in this lush park only 53km south of St John's. A highlight is the 1.25km trail to the remains of La Manche, a fishing village that was destr…
Archaeological Site in Ferryland

Colony of Avalon

The seaside surrounds of the Colony of Avalon archaeological site only add to the rich atmosphere, where you'll see archaeologists unearthing everything from axes to bowls. The worthwhile interpretation center house…
Park in Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve & Around

Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve

A major seabird colony, with breeding-season populations of tens of thousands of northern gannet, black-legged kittiwake and common murre. Viewing is easy, with land sightings as close as 10m. There are also thick-b…
Cafe in Goulds & Petty Harbour


Joy is here: real espresso drinks at a refurbished waterfront shed. Owner Karen loves talking local lore, she also makes a mean hiker cookie, packed with seeds. It also has great baked treats and sandwiches. If you …