Yaoundé in detail

Flights & getting there


Yaoundé's airport is Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport, although far more international services go to and from Douala. Internal flights with Camair-Co connect Yaoundé to Douala daily (CFA45,000, 45 minutes) and other cities.


There are buses between Yaoundé and all major cities in Cameroon. Buses leave from their companies' offices, spread out on the outskirts of town. For Douala (CFA3000 to CFA6000, three to four hours, three to five daily), Central Voyages and Guaranti Express are recommended. Guaranti Express is also recommended for travel to Limbe (CFA5000, five hours, three to four daily), Bamenda (CFA5000, six hours, two daily), Bafoussam (CFA2500, three hours, two daily) and Kumba (CFA4000, four hours, two daily).

Otherwise, all agency and nonagency buses for Kribi, Bertoua, Batouri, Ebolowa, Limbe and Buea depart from Blvd de l'Ocam, about 3km south of Pl Ahmadou Ahidjo (direct taxi drivers to Agences de Mvan; fare is around CFA1000).

Transport to Bafoussam, Bamenda and points north departs from Gare Routière d'Etoudi, 5km north of Centre Ville. Taxi fare there costs around CFA1500.


Until the security problems in the north of Cameroon, the most popular and convenient way to travel was by the overnight train which links Yaoundé with N'Gaoundéré.

There are also two daily services between Yaoundé and Douala (1st class/2nd class CFA9000/3600), though these are used much less frequently, as buses are cheaper, faster and more convenient. A major derailment in 2016 caused many deaths, so travel on the service can't be recommended at this time.