Central African franc (CAF)

Daily Costs

Budget: less than CFA14,000

  • Basic hotel double room: CFA6000–8000
  • Street snack: CFA800
  • Coffee: CFA500
  • Local bus ride: CFA2000

Midrange: CFA35,000–50,000

  • En-suite double hotel room: CFA25,000–33,000
  • Two-course dinner in a local restaurant: CFA6000–8000
  • Better coffee: CFA1000
  • Short taxi ride: CFA3000

Top End: more than CFA70,000

  • Hotel room: CFA50,000
  • Two-course dinner at hotel buffet: CFA15,000
  • Ornate carved stool: CFA25,000-50,000
  • Day of 4WD rental with driver: CFA75,000


Bargaining for purchases at Cameroonian markets is expected, and is part of the good-natured interaction with vendors. Always ask the price before taking a taxi or engaging a driver for longer journeys, and check with a local whether it's a reasonable amount. You may be able to negotiate a deal when booking a hotel room.


Maroua's banks can be reluctant to change even cash euros. If the main banks won't help, try CCA Bureau de Change next to SGBC Bank. The latter also has an ATM, as does Bicec Bank.