Top things to do in Limbe

Gardens in Limbe

Botanical Gardens

Limbe's Botanical Gardens, the second oldest in Africa, are the home of, among others, cinnamon, nutmeg, mango, ancient cycads and an unnamed tree that locals describe as 'African Viagra'. There's a small visitors c…
Zoo in Limbe

Limbe Wildlife Centre

Many zoos in Africa are depressing places, but the Limbe Wildlife Centre is a shining exception. It houses rescued chimpanzees, gorillas, drills and other primates in large enclosures, with lots of interesting infor…
Club in Limbe

Ocean Blu

An excellent place to cut loose in Limbe, this is a young vibrant club playing street music, R&B and soul. A lot of posing from funkily dressed locals occurs before the dancing starts around midnight.
Bar in Limbe

Bamboo Lounge

Attractively screened with bamboo, this is an upbeat bar hosting DJ nights and live music nights. It serves beers, whiskies and spirits plus barbecued meat and fish dishes.
International in Limbe

Hot Spot

With hands down the best location in town, overlooking the dramatic coastline and Park Hotel Miramar, this place offers a fairly standard selection of meat grills, shrimp, fish and chicken dishes. The friendly staff…
Seafood in Limbe

Grilled Fish Stalls

You'll find this cluster of open-air grills with attached seating where the fishing boats haul up on Limbe's main beach. Soak up your beer with something from the sea that was probably happily unaware it would be yo…
International in Limbe

Le Moulin

Right on the roundabout in the thick of things, Le Moulin is the best eating option in Limbe's town centre. The menu encompasses ndole, chicken and beef dishes served up with fresh vegetables, plantains or rice.
Bakery in Limbe

Atlantic Bakery

Limbe's best spot for breakfast if your hotel doesn't serve it. Here you'll find life's essentials such as fresh-baked pastries and coffee.
Church in Limbe

Old Church

Historic church facing Down Beach.