Limbe in detail

Flights & getting there

The main motor park (bus station) is Mile 4, about 6km out of town; shared taxis leave from Douala Rd near the petrol station (around CFA500, 15 minutes). Minibuses and taxis-brousses leave approximately hourly to Buea (CFA800, 25 minutes) and Douala (CFA1500, 70 minutes). From Mile 2, take a bus heading to Yaoundé (CFA5000, five hours, 4-5 daily).

Ferries should travel every Monday and Thursday from Limbe to Calabar in Nigeria (1st/2nd class CFA35,000/45,000, four hours), departing at 2am and returning on Tuesday and Friday at 7am. At the time of writing though, the service was not operating due to problems with the boat. Take your own food and water if you make it on-board.