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Hike Mount Cameroon Summit

Hike to the Summit of Mt Cameroon(4095m) and back in 2 days. This hike starts in upper farms Buea and permits you to hike using the Guinness trail. This trail is the same used by athletes during the famous Guinness Mt Cameroon International Race. Most athletes do the summit and back in less than 4-hours. You shall have the opportunity to hike through the dense Equatorial forest of Mt Cameroon and onto the savanna. Mount Cameroon is a national park thus it's a protected area under the Ministry of Forestry and wildlife. The park contains many endangered wildlife species such as elephants, drills, chimpanzees, and monkeys. It has a rich equatorial rainforest with unique and endemic birds and animal species like the Mount Cameroon Francolin, Mount Cameroon Speirops, the Cameroon climbing mouse, mountain chameleon and many more.
2 days