Central African franc (CAF)

Daily Costs

Budget: less than CFA14,000

  • Basic hotel double room: CFA6000–8000
  • Street snack: CFA800
  • Coffee: CFA500
  • Local bus ride: CFA2000

Midrange: CFA35,000–50,000

  • En-suite double hotel room: CFA25,000–33,000
  • Two-course dinner in a local restaurant: CFA6000–8000
  • Better coffee: CFA1000
  • Short taxi ride: CFA3000

Top End: more than CFA70,000

  • Hotel room: CFA50,000
  • Two-course dinner at hotel buffet: CFA15,000
  • Ornate carved stool: CFA25,000-50,000
  • Day of 4WD rental with driver: CFA75,000


Bargaining for purchases at Cameroonian markets is expected, and is part of the good-natured interaction with vendors. Always ask the price before taking a taxi or engaging a driver for longer journeys, and check with a local whether it's a reasonable amount. You may be able to negotiate a deal when booking a hotel room.


Limbe's Ahidjo St has several ATMs; try Bicec or SGBC.