Museum in Yaoundé

Musée d'Art Camerounais

At the Benedictine monastery on Mt Fébé, north of the city centre, the Musée d'Art Camerounais has an impressive collection of masks, bronze- and woodwork and other examples of Cameroonian art. The chapel is also wo…
Zoo in Yaoundé

Mvog-Betsi Zoo

This is one of the better zoos in West Africa, co-run by the Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund (, with a sizeable collection of native primates, rescued from poachers and the bushmeat trade.
Zoo in Limbe

Limbe Wildlife Centre

Many zoos in Africa are depressing places, but the Limbe Wildlife Centre is a shining exception. Jointly run by the Ministry of the Environment and the primate charity Pandrillus, it contains rescued chimpanzees, go…
Gardens in Limbe

Botanical Gardens

The second-oldest botanical gardens in Africa are the home of, among others, cinnamon, nutmeg, mango, ancient cycads and an unnamed tree locals describe as 'African Viagra'. There's a small visitors centre and an ar…
Historic Building in Bafoussam


Palace in Foumban

Palais Royal

The must-see attraction of Foumban is the sultan's palace, currently home to the 19th sultan of the Bamoun dynasty. It has a fascinating and well-organised museum containing previous sultans' possessions and great h…
Museum in Foumban

Musée des Arts et Traditions Bamoun

Close to the Village des Artisans, this museum houses a private collection of art and historical artefacts.
Palace in N'Gaoundéré

Palais du Lamido

To enter the Palais du Lamido, the palace of the local Muslim ruler, you pass between three pillars stuffed with the remains of individuals who were buried alive to consecrate the site of the royal residence. One of…
Park in Northern Cameroon

Parc National du Waza

Waza National Park is Cameroon's most accessible and rewarding wildlife-viewing experience. Visitors can reasonably expect to see large numbers of elephants, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, monkeys and abundant birdlif…
Museum in Douala

Espace Doual'art

Well worth dropping into if you're nearby, this contemporary art space hosts changing displays of work from all over Cameroon and the rest of Africa. There's a little cafe here too, and it's a good place to gauge th…