To place a long-distance domestic call from a landline, or to dial a mobile (cell) number, dial zero, the area code (or mobile prefix) and the number. Leave out the zero and the area code if you are making a local call. Drop the zero from the mobile prefix or regional (city) code when dialling into Cambodia from another country.

For telephone listings of businesses and government offices, check out

Country code855
International Access Code001

Mobile Phones

Roaming is possible but it is expensive. Local SIM cards and unlocked mobile phones are readily available.

Further Information

Mobile phones, whose numbers start with 01, 06, 07, 08 or 09, are hugely popular with both individuals and commercial enterprises.

Cambodian roaming charges are extraordinarily high. Wi-fi is widely available and is useful for saving money on data as you travel around the country.

Those who plan on spending longer in Cambodia should arrange a SIM card for one of the local service providers. Foreigners need to present a valid passport to get a local SIM card, but they are available free on arrival at international airports.

Most mobile companies now offer cheap internet-based phone calls accessed through a gateway number. Look up the cheap prefix and calls will be around US5¢ per minute.