Temples of Angkor in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

At no point during a visit to Kbal Spean or Phnom Kulen should you leave well-trodden paths, as there may be land mines in the area.


There are several free maps covering Angkor, supported by advertising, which are available at certain hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in town. River Books of Thailand publishes a fold-out Angkor Map, which is one of the more detailed offerings available.


Angkor is now blessed with some of the finest public toilets in Asia. Designed in wooden chalets and complete with amenities such as electronic flush, they wouldn’t be out of place in a fancy hotel. The trouble is that the guardians often choose not to run the generators that power the toilets, meaning it is pretty dark inside the cubicles (but thankfully you can flush manually too!). The toilets are found near most of the major temples. Entrance is free if you show your Angkor pass.

Remember, in remote areas, don’t stray off the path; being seen in a compromising position is infinitely better than stepping on a land mine.