Top things to do in Takeo

Top Choice Cambodian in Takeo

Stung Takeo

Perched over the seasonal lake, this is easily Takeo's best restaurant for both food and ambience. The seafood-heavy menu is full of traditional local flavour, such as squid and Kampot pepper. This is also the place…
Temple in Takeo

Phnom Da

The twin hills of Phnom Da are spectacularly isolated Mont-St-Michel-style by annual floods, which require guests to arrive via Takeo, on a 45-minute open-air boat ride. One hill is topped by a temple whose foundati…
Temple in Takeo

Phnom Bayong

Affording breathtaking views of Vietnam’s pancake-flat Mekong Delta, the cliff-ringed summit of Phnom Bayong (313m) is graced by a 7th-century Chenla temple built to celebrate a victory over Funan. The linga (phalli…
Museum in Takeo

Angkor Borei Archaeological Museum

This modest archaeological museum occupies a Khmer-style building a bit east of Angkor Borei's road bridge. Featured inside are locally discovered Funan- and Chenla-era artefacts, including human bones, pottery, jew…
Waterfall in Takeo

Kirivong Waterfall

Gentle Kirivong Waterfall (Chruos Phaok Waterfall) is reached by a 1.5km access road that begins about 1km south of Kirivong (and 40km south of Takeo). Market stalls here sell the area’s most famous products: topaz …
Market in Takeo

Psar Nat

The food court here has a dozen stalls that are great for breakfast soup, num kong (delectably chewy Khmer doughnuts) and num kroch (fried dumplings filled with beans and palm sugar). Closing time is approximate.
International in Takeo


This small place serves excellent Asian breakfasts, tasty fresh spring rolls and salads, and a range of pizzas. The green-mango-and-dried-shrimp salad makes for a light but flavourful lunch.
Historic Building in Takeo

Ta Mok’s House

A pleasant stroll via a 150m-long, railings-free bridge takes you to the house of Takeo Province’s most notorious native son, Ta Mok – aka ‘The Butcher’ – the Khmer Rouge commander of the Southwestern Zone, where he…
Landmark in Takeo

Independence Monument

There are food stalls around Independence Monument.