Takeo attractions

Temple in Takeo

Phnom Da

The twin hills of Phnom Da are spectacularly isolated Mont-St-Michel-style by annual floods, which require guests to arrive via Takeo, on a 45-minute open-air boat ride. One hill is topped by a temple whose foundati…
Temple in Takeo

Phnom Bayong

Affording breathtaking views of Vietnam’s pancake-flat Mekong Delta, the cliff-ringed summit of Phnom Bayong (313m) is graced by a 7th-century Chenla temple built to celebrate a victory over Funan. The linga (phalli…
Museum in Takeo

Angkor Borei Archaeological Museum

This modest archaeological museum occupies a Khmer-style building a bit east of Angkor Borei's road bridge. Featured inside are locally discovered Funan- and Chenla-era artefacts, including human bones, pottery, jew…
Waterfall in Takeo

Kirivong Waterfall

Gentle Kirivong Waterfall (Chruos Phaok Waterfall) is reached by a 1.5km access road that begins about 1km south of Kirivong (and 40km south of Takeo). Market stalls here sell the area’s most famous products: topaz …
Historic Building in Takeo

Ta Mok’s House

A pleasant stroll via a 150m-long, railings-free bridge takes you to the house of Takeo Province’s most notorious native son, Ta Mok – aka ‘The Butcher’ – the Khmer Rouge commander of the Southwestern Zone, where he…
Landmark in Takeo

Independence Monument

There are food stalls around Independence Monument.