Top things to do in Stung Treng

Arts Centre in Stung Treng

Mekong Blue

Part of the Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre, Mekong Blue is a silk-weaving centre on the outskirts of Stung Treng. Mekong Blue specialises in exquisite silk products for sale and export. At this centre it is …
International in Stung Treng

Ponika’s Palace

Need a break from laab (a spicy salad with chicken, pork or fish) after Laos? Burgers, pizza and English breakfasts grace the menu, along with Indian food and wonderful Khmer curries. Affable owner Ponika speaks Eng…
Buddhist Temple in Stung Treng

Thala Boravit

This crumbling temple is across the Mekong from Stung Treng. It's hardly worth the effort for the casual visitor, but temple fiends may want to tick it off. Thala Boravit was an important Chenla-period trading town …
Breakfast in Stung Treng

Diniya Restaurant

This local restaurant, located one block back from the Tonlé San, is a devoutly popular place for breakfast, turning out steaming bowls of kyteow (noodle soup), bobor (rice porridge) and other staples.