Top Choice Market in Kep

Crab Market

Eating at the crab market – a row of wooden waterfront restaurants by a wet fish market – is a quintessential Kep experience. Fresh crabs fried with Kampot pepper are a taste sensation. Crabs are kept alive in pens …
Market in Takeo

Psar Nat

The food court here has a dozen stalls that are great for breakfast soup, num kong (delectably chewy Khmer doughnuts) and num kroch (fried dumplings filled with beans and palm sugar). Closing time is approximate.
Market in Kampot

Night Market

The bustling night market next to the Durian Roundabout is full of cheap food stalls where you can chow down on simple noodle and rice dishes, grilled meat, and Khmer desserts such as sticky rice with coconut sauce.…
Market in Sihanoukville

Psar Leu

For Sihanoukville’s cheapest dining, head to the food stalls in and around Psar Leu; the vendors across the street, next to the Kampot taxis, are open 24/7. Options include barbecue chicken, rice porridge or noodles…
Market in Koh Kong City

Psar Leu

The best cheap-food stalls are in the southeast corner of Psar Leu; fruit stalls can be found near the southwest corner.