Top Choice Cambodian in Koh Kong City

Happy Beach

Northeast of town, this place offers a unique slice of Cambodian life with seaside, covered decks on stilts where families and friends laze about with their shoes off, taking down heaping portions of Khmer food serv…
Top Choice Cambodian in Sihanoukville


Loosely modelled on the beloved Phnom Penh institution Romdeng, this superb restaurant is an extension of the vocational-training programmes for at-risk Cambodians run by local NGO M’lop Tapang. The menu features cr…
Top Choice Cambodian in Takeo

Stung Takeo

Perched over the seasonal lake, this is easily Takeo's best restaurant for both food and ambience. The seafood-heavy menu is full of traditional local flavour, such as squid and Kampot pepper. This is also the place…
Top Choice Cambodian in Koh Sdach Archipelago

May's Kitchen

A great local restaurant uphill from town, on the left just before the pier. May shops at the market each morning and bases her Khmer and Thai dishes on what's available, often including pepper-and-garlic pork and c…
Cambodian in Kampot

Captain Chim’s

Some of Kampot’s best budget bites are found here. Best known for breakfast, Khmer faves such as loc lak (salad featuring marinated, stir-fried beef) will fill you up at any time of day. A second location has opened…
Cambodian in Chi Phat

Visitor Centre Restaurant

The best restaurant in town is located at the visitor centre. Everybody enjoys the same selection of three dishes for lunch, and three dishes for dinner, and the menu changes daily. Vegetarians are catered for and p…
Cambodian in Sihanoukville

Cabbage Restaurant

Known to locals as Chamka Spai, this restaurant gets rave reviews for its seafood and spicy seasonings. An authentic Khmer dining experience. A sign in English on Sereypheap St points the way, but look out for nearb…
Cambodian in Sihanoukville

Otres City Restaurant

A local spot in Otres Village serving Khmer and Western grub, with a lip-smackin' scallop, pepper and potato dish that'll set you back a whole US$3.50. Lots of veggie options, too.
Cambodian in Kampot

Jack's Place

A friendly, local family-run place, this relaxed open-air restaurant dishes up yao hon (Khmer hotpots), char kroeung (vegetable and peanut stir-fry) and a whole host of Cambodian staples. The soups here are deliciou…
Cambodian in Sihanoukville

Mom's Kitchen

Plonk yourself down on a streetside seat here and dig into cheap and cheerful rice and noodle dishes cooked by the ladies in the little store behind. Nothing fancy – just fresh and tasty Khmer home cooking.