Cambodian in Koh Kong City

Happy Beach

Northeast of town, this place offers a unique slice of Cambodian life with seaside, covered decks on stilts where families and friends laze about with their shoes off, taking down heaping portions of Khmer food...

International in Koh Kong City

Fat Sam's

The menu at this informal bar-restaurant runs the gamut from fish and chips and chilli con carne to authentic Khmer and Thai favourites. There's also a decent beer selection and a small wine list. The English...

International in Koh Kong City

Wood House

A French-Khmer couple have retired to this little corner of Cambodia to cook the town's best Euro-Asian fusion food in a charming mint-green-and-yellow house marked by long wood floorboards and whirring fans....

Seafood in Koh Kong City

Crab Shack

A family-run place on Koh Yor Beach, this spot is known for perfect sunsets and heaping portions of fried crab with pepper. Several restaurants have sprung up around it, including one with the same name just...

Seafood in Koh Kong City

Thmorda Crab House

Enjoy crab, steamed fish or even fried chicken in rickety stilted structures over the river. Dishes feed two to three. It's on the opposite bank of the Koh Poi River from town. Cross the bridge, continue 1.8km to...

International in Koh Kong City

Wild Life Café

Formerly called Seta's Ice Cream and still known for its desserts, this riverfront place also features meat-and-potatoes continental fare, pizza and baguettes along with a full range of Thai and Khmer specials,...

Street Food in Koh Kong City

Food Carts

Riverfront food carts can fire up a seafood barbecue for US$5 to US$10, combining crab, shrimp, squid, clams and/or fish. They also serve fried rice, fried noodles and sell cans of beer for a few thousand riel,...

Market in Koh Kong City

Psar Leu

The best cheap-food stalls are in the southeast corner of Psar Leu; fruit stalls can be found near the southwest corner.