Tourist Information in Chi Phat

CBET Community Visitor Centre

All activities in Chi Phat are controlled through the CBET Community Visitor Centre, a two-minute walk from the river pier. The visitor centre has free wi-fi, solar-powered electricity and a good restaurant serving …
Medical in Koh Rong

Emergency Services Centre

The best medical facility on Koh Rong, staffed by volunteer medics who can help with cuts and scratches and a few more serious matters such as snake bites, anaphylaxis and drug overdoses. If nobody is there, ask any…
Tourist Information in Ream National Park

Ream National Park Headquarters

Hiking and boating trips through Ream National Park can be arranged at the Ream National Park Headquarters, opposite Sihanoukville Airport entrance. When booking directly with the park headquarters, it’s best (but n…
Tourist Information in Sihanoukville

Tourist Information Centre

Don’t expect much out of Sihanoukville’s tourist information centres. The best is this one on Serendipidity Rd, just off Ochheuteal Beach. It has brochures and can help you with hotel and transport reservations.
Tourist Information in Kampot

Tourist Information Centre

Led by the knowledgeable Mr Pov, Kampot’s tourist office doles out free advice, sells tours and can arrange transport to area attractions such as caves, falls and Kompong Trach.
Tourist Information in Central Cardamoms Protected Forest

CBET Thma Bang

Contact for information about activities with the newly established community-based ecotourism project (CBET) in Thma Bang, within the Central Cardamoms Protected Forest.
Medical in Sihanoukville

CT Polyclinic

The best medical clinic in town. Can administer rabies shots, and antivenin in the event of a snake bite.
Tourist Information in Takeo

Takeo Tourism

May be able to arrange an English-speaking guide (US$15 to US$20) to the temples.
Consulate in Sihanoukville

Vietnamese Consulate

Exceedingly speedy at issuing tourist visas.
Post in Koh Kong City

Post Office