Top Choice Cambodian in Sihanoukville


Loosely modelled on the beloved Phnom Penh institution Romdeng, this superb restaurant is an extension of the vocational-training programmes for at-risk Cambodians run by local NGO M’lop Tapang. The menu features cr…
Cambodian in Sihanoukville

Cabbage Restaurant

Known to locals as Chamka Spai, this restaurant gets rave reviews for its seafood and spicy seasonings. An authentic Khmer dining experience. A sign in English on Sereypheap St points the way, but look out for nearb…
Cambodian in Sihanoukville

Otres City Restaurant

A local spot in Otres Village serving Khmer and Western grub, with a lip-smackin' scallop, pepper and potato dish that'll set you back a whole US$3.50. Lots of veggie options, too.
Cambodian in Sihanoukville

Mom's Kitchen

Plonk yourself down on a streetside seat here and dig into cheap and cheerful rice and noodle dishes cooked by the ladies in the little store behind. Nothing fancy – just fresh and tasty Khmer home cooking.