Tourist Information in Sihanoukville

Tourist Information Centre

Don’t expect much out of Sihanoukville’s tourist information centres. The best is this one on Serendipidity Rd, just off Ochheuteal Beach. It has brochures and can help you with hotel and transport reservations.
Medical in Sihanoukville

CT Polyclinic

The best medical clinic in town. Can administer rabies shots, and antivenin in the event of a snake bite.
Consulate in Sihanoukville

Vietnamese Consulate

Exceedingly speedy at issuing tourist visas.
Bank in Sihanoukville

ANZ Royal Bank

Police in Sihanoukville

Police Station

Post in Sihanoukville

Post Office

Bank in Sihanoukville

Canadia Bank

Post in Sihanoukville

Post Office