Temple in Sambor Prei Kuk

Prasat Sambor

The principal temple group, Prasat Sambor (7th and 10th centuries) is dedicated to Gambhireshvara, one of Shiva’s many incarnations (the other groups are dedicated to Shiva himself). Several of Prasat Sambor’s tower…
Temple in Sambor Prei Kuk

Prasat Yeai Poeun

Prasat Yeai Poeun is arguably the most atmospheric ensemble, as it feels lost in the forest. The eastern gateway is being both held up and torn asunder by an ancient tree, the bricks interwoven with the tree’s exten…
Temple in Sambor Prei Kuk

Prasat Tao

The largest of the Sambor Prei Kuk complexes, Prasat Tao boasts excellent examples of Chenla carving in the form of two large, elaborately coiffed stone lions. It also has a fine, rectangular pond, Srah Neang Pov.