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Hindu Temple in Roluos Temples


The four brick towers of Lolei, an almost exact replica of the towers of Preah Ko (although in much worse shape), were built on an islet in the centre of a large reservoir – now rice fields – by Yasovarman I, the fo…
Hindu Temple in Roluos Temples

Preah Ko

Preah Ko was erected by Indravarman I in the late 9th century, and was dedicated to Shiva. Preah Ko was also dedicated to his deified ancestors in AD 880. The front towers relate to male ancestors or gods, the rear …
Hindu Temple in Roluos Temples


Bakong is the largest and most interesting of the Roluos Group of temples. Built and dedicated to Shiva by Indravarman I, it’s a representation of Mt Meru, and it served as the city’s central temple. The east-facing…
Arts & Crafts in Roluos Temples

Prolung Khmer

Look out for Prolung Khmer on the road between Preah Ko and Bakong. It’s a weaving centre producing stylish cotton kramas (scarves), set up as a training collaboration between Cambodia and Japan.