Must-see restaurants in Cambodia

  • Kim Heng Restaurant

    Nothing fancy, just a small menu of Asian staples – including fried sour cabbage and sweet-and-sour pork – all served with mountains of rice.

  • Banteay Chhmar Restaurant

    Near the temple’s eastern entrance, this rustic restaurant is the only place to dine without pre-ordering. It serves really tasty Khmer food.

  • Riverside Night Market

    Locals in the mood for good-value Khmer food flock to about a dozen neon-lit eateries across the street from the Battambang Museum.

  • Prum Bayon Restaurant

    Though it lacks an English menu or signs, this immensely popular feeding station is where locals come for flavourful Khmer cooking.

  • Psar Leu

    The best cheap-food stalls are in the southeast corner of Psar Leu; fruit stalls can be found near the southwest corner.

  • Heng Chamreun Bakery

    Part of a renowned chain, this glistening bakery sells good sandwiches, rice cakes and other snacks ideal for the road.

  • Samudera Supermarket

    Samudera has rows of imported goods including surprises like Vegemite, Ritz crackers, European cheeses and wine.

  • Koh Pich Barbecues

    Koh Pich (Diamond Island), east of the hulking Naga World Casino, has a cluster of well-reputed Khmer barbecues.

  • Swenson’s Ice Cream

    One of America’s favourites has become one of Siem Reap’s favourites. Located in the Angkor Trade Centre.

  • Thai Huot

    Easily the most modern supermarket in Siem Reap, with tons of French and other imported products.

  • Angkor Market

    The best all-round supermarket in town, this place has a steady supply of international treats.

  • Psar Leu

    For Sihanoukville’s cheapest dining, head to the food stalls in and around Psar Leu; the vendors across the street, next to the Kampot taxis, are open 24…

  • New Night Market

    Battambang's new night market is across the road from Psar Nath market, along the riverfront. Here you'll find a variety of vendors serving up cheap…

  • Rusty Keyhole II

    This popular bar-restaurant combines British pub fare and Khmer home cooking. It's best known for ribs and the Sunday roast, and is also a popular spot to…

  • Night Market

    Battambang's original night market, at the northeast corner of Psar Nath market, dishes up barbecued chicken, fish and pork.

  • Lucky Market

    The biggest supermarket in town is part of a big shopping mall on Sivatha St.