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Top Choice Market in Phnom Penh

Psar Thmei

A landmark building in the capital, the art-deco Psar Thmei (literally 'New Market') is often called the Central Market, a reference to its location and size. The huge domed hall resembles a Babylonian ziggurat and …
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Phnom Penh

Daughters of Cambodia

Daughters is an NGO that runs a range of programs to train and assist former prostitutes and victims of sex trafficking. The fashionable clothes, bags and accessories here are made with ecofriendly cotton and natura…
Top Choice Clothing in Phnom Penh


Leading Cambodian fashion designer Romyda Keth has turned this striking French-era mansion into the perfect showcase for her stunning silk collection.
Market in Phnom Penh

Russian Market

This sweltering bazaar is the one market all visitors should come to at least once during a trip to Phnom Penh. It is the place to shop for souvenirs and discounted name-brand clothing. We can’t vouch for the authen…
Arts & Crafts in Phnom Penh

Artisans Angkor

Classy Phnom Penh branch of the venerable Siem Reap sculpture and silk specialist.
Music in Phnom Penh

Space Four Zero

This funky pop-art gallery pays tribute to the lost artists of Cambodia's golden years, many of whom perished under the Khmer Rouge regime, in an original series of 'sticky fingers' art prints. It is also the unoffi…
Night Market in Phnom Penh

Jets Container Night Market

The first of a new wave of shipping-container night markets to open in Phnom Penh, it offers dining, drinking and shopping all in one compact space. It is very popular with young Cambodians, although the competing m…
Arts & Crafts in Phnom Penh


One of the best all-round handicraft stores, Rajana aims to promote fair wages and training. It has a beautiful selection of cards, some quirky metalware products, jewellery, bamboo crafts, lovely shirts, gorgeous w…
Arts & Crafts in Phnom Penh

Watthan Artisans

Located at the entrance to Wat Than, it sells silk and other products, including wonderful contemporary handbags, made by a project-supported cooperative of land mine and polio victims. You can visit the on-site woo…
Market in Phnom Penh

Night Market

A cooler, alfresco version of the Russian Market, this night market takes place every evening if it's not raining. Bargain vigorously, as prices can be on the high side. Interestingly, it’s probably more popular wit…