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Medical Services

It is important to be aware of the difference between a clinic and a hospital in Phnom Penh. Clinics are good for most situations, but in a genuine emergency, it is best to go to a hospital.

Calmette Hospital The best of the local hospitals, with the most comprehensive services and an intensive-care unit, but it really helps to go with a Khmer speaker.

European Dental Clinic Has international-standard dental services and a good reputation.

International SOS Medical Centre Top clinic with a host of international doctors (and prices to match).

Naga Clinic A reliable, French-run clinic.

Pharmacie de la Gare A pharmacy with English- and French-speaking consultants.

Royal Phnom Penh Hospital International hospital affiliated with Bangkok Hospital. Boasts top facilities. Expensive.

Tropical & Travellers Medical Clinic Well-regarded clinic, run by a British general practitioner for more than two decades.

U-Care Pharmacy International-style pharmacy with a convenient location near the river.