Tourist Information in Phnom Penh


ChildSafe helps tourists to learn about best behaviour relating to child begging, the dangers of orphanage tours, exploitation and other risks to children. There are tips on their website. You can also look out...

Internet in Phnom Penh

Workspace 1

The city's preeminent co-working space, with open-plan desks, Skype booths and conference rooms, as well as non-work-related amenities such as a games room, snooze zone and showers. It's located at Factory Phnom...

Tourist Information in Phnom Penh

Visitor Information Centre

Located on the riverfront near the Chatomuk Theatre. While it doesn’t carry a whole lot of information – and is rarely staffed – it does offer free wi-fi, air-con and clean public toilets.

Medical in Phnom Penh

National Blood Transfusion Centre

Cambodia has a critical shortage of blood. If you want to help, donate here. It's perfectly safe and you get a T-shirt, although only 18- to 60-year-olds can donate.

Bank in Phnom Penh

Canadia Bank

Has ATMs around town, with a US$5 charge. At its flagship branch you can also get cash advances on MasterCard and Visa. Also represents MoneyGram.

Hospital in Phnom Penh

Calmette Hospital

The best of the local hospitals, with the most comprehensive services and an intensive-care unit, but it really helps to go with a Khmer speaker.

Medical in Phnom Penh

Raffles Medical

Formerly International SOS Medical Centre, this is a top clinic with a host of international doctors and dentists, and prices to match.

Bank in Phnom Penh

J Trust Royal Bank

J Trust has ATMs galore all over town, including at supermarkets and petrol stations, but there is a US$5 charge per transaction.

Bank in Phnom Penh

CAB Bank

Convenient hours and location, there’s also a Western Union office here (one of several in the city).

Laundry in Phnom Penh

Eazy Laundry

Cheap and reliable laundry in a convenient location. Also does dry cleaning.