Flower Power

Anyone who spends a night or two on the town in Phnom Penh will soon be familiar with young girls and boys hovering around popular bars and restaurants to sell decorative flowers. The kids are incredibly sweet and most people succumb to their charms and buy a flower or two. All these late nights for young children might not be so bad if they were benefiting from their hard-earned cash, but usually they're not. Look down the road and there will be a driver of a moto (motorcycle taxi) with an ice bucket full of these flowers waiting to ferry the children to another popular spot. Yet again, the charms of children are exploited for the benefit of adults who should know better. Think twice before buying, as the child is unlikely to reap the reward.

Give Blood!

Cambodia has a critical shortage of blood as there's a local stigma against donating blood and a high rate of thalassaemia. If you want to help, donate at the National Blood Transfusion Centre. It's perfectly safe and you get a T-shirt, although only 18 to 60 year olds can donate.