The northernmost tip of the Cardamom Mountains – home to elephants, gibbons, pangolins, hornbills and many other endangered creatures – covers the southern half of Pailin Province (pretty much everything south of NH57). Known as the Samlaut Multiple Use Area (600 sq km), this expanse of forested mountains is contiguous with two Thai parks (Namtok Klong Kaew National Park and Khlong Kreua Wai Wildlife Sanctuary), with which it is joined as a transboundary Peace Park. Countless landmines make the area too dangerous for trekking, but there is a durian plantation and some waterfalls to which Memoria Palace runs tours.

Samlaut is administered and patrolled with help from the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, named after the Cambodian-born adopted son of its founder and president, the American actress Angelina Jolie.