Pailin attractions

Buddhist Temple in Pailin

Wat Phnom Yat

From NH57, stairs lead through a garish gate up to Wat Phnom Yat, a psychedelic temple centred on an ancient po (sacred fig) tree. A 27m Buddha looms over the top of the staircase, while a path leads up to the colou…
Waterfall in Pailin

Phnom Keu Waterfall

Phnom Keu is the most accessible of the numerous waterfalls dropping out of the Cardamoms south of Pailin, and has water year-round. To get here, turn right off NH57 1.5km east of Wat Phnom Yat, then proceed 5km on …
Buddhist Temple in Pailin

Wat Khaong Kang

At the base of Phnom Yat hill, an impressive gate dating to 1968 leads to Wat Khaong Kang, an important centre for Buddhist teaching before the Khmer Rouge madness. The exterior wall is decorated with an especially …
Market in Pailin

Psar Pailin

Pailin's market is a good place to chow down on street food. A few stalls here still sell rubies and sapphires (many of inferior quality).
Landmark in Pailin

Independence Monument

Pailin's large Independence Monument sits on the roundabout that marks the centre of town.
Buddhist Temple in Pailin


This small modern wat is a good landmark in central Pailin.