Top ChoiceCambodian in Kompong Thom

Kompong Thom Restaurant

With delightful waiters and a pocket-sized terrace overlooking the river, this restaurant is also Kompong Thom's most adventurous. Unique concoctions featuring Kampot pepper, water buffalo and stir-fried eel...

Cafe in Kompong Thom

Third Place Coffee

Quite literally the third coffee place to open in town, it serves Boncafe-brewed coffee in any style you can imagine and some you cannot. The menu is a mix of breakfast favourites like noodle soup and grilled...

Museum in Kompong Thom

Kompong Thom Museum

This seriously bijou museum (it's one room and a small outdoor gallery) actually packs a pretty good punch with statuary and stelae from local sites, including a fine selection of beautiful pieces from Sambor...

International in Kompong Thom

Love Cafe & Pizza

If you're in the mood for comfort food, this bamboo-walled place is a real gem. The big menu of pizzas and burgers is a winner, including some Tex-Mex moments, as is its fantastic selection of ice cream. The menu...

Cambodian in Kompong Thom

Psar Kompong Thom

Sit on a plastic chair at a neon-lit table outside Kompong Thom's main market and dig into chicken rice soup, chicken curry noodles and Khmer-style baguettes.

Cambodian in Kompong Thom

Prum Bayon Restaurant

Though it lacks an English menu or signs, this immensely popular feeding station is where locals come for flavourful Khmer cooking.

Buddhist Temple in Kompong Thom

Wat Kompuong

This beautiful wat has a colourful and eclectic merging of old and new Buddhist architecture.

Historic Building in Kompong Thom

French Governor's Residence

About 500m west of Kompong Thom bridge is the dilapidated old French governor’s residence (no entry), chiefly interesting as being next to three old mahogany trees that are home to the extraordinary sight of...

Landmark in Kompong Thom

Elephant & Tigers Statue

The small statue of an elephant and tigers marks the beginning of central Kompong Thom (if you're coming into town from the capital).