Top ChoiceCambodian in Kompong Thom

Kompong Thom Restaurant

With delightful waiters and a pocket-sized terrace overlooking the river, this restaurant is also Kompong Thom's most adventurous. Unique concoctions featuring Kampot pepper, water buffalo and stir-fried eel...

Cafe in Kompong Thom

Third Place Coffee

Quite literally the third coffee place to open in town, it serves Boncafe-brewed coffee in any style you can imagine and some you cannot. The menu is a mix of breakfast favourites like noodle soup and grilled...

International in Kompong Thom

Love Cafe & Pizza

If you're in the mood for comfort food, this bamboo-walled place is a real gem. The big menu of pizzas and burgers is a winner, including some Tex-Mex moments, as is its fantastic selection of ice cream. The menu...

Cambodian in Kompong Thom

Psar Kompong Thom

Sit on a plastic chair at a neon-lit table outside Kompong Thom's main market and dig into chicken rice soup, chicken curry noodles and Khmer-style baguettes.

Cambodian in Kompong Thom

Prum Bayon Restaurant

Though it lacks an English menu or signs, this immensely popular feeding station is where locals come for flavourful Khmer cooking.