Hindu Temple in Koh Ker

Prasat Krahom

Prasat Krahom, the second-largest structure at Koh Ker, is so named for the red bricks from which it is constructed. Sadly, none of the carved lions for which this temple was once known remain, though there’s...

Hindu Temple in Koh Ker

Prasat Bram

Among the many smaller temples found around Koh Ker, Prasat Bram is a real highlight. It consists of a collection of brick towers, at least two of which have been completely smothered by voracious strangler figs;...

Hindu Temple in Koh Ker

Prasat Thom

The principal monument at Koh Ker is Prasat Thom. The staircase to the top is open to a limited number of visitors and the views are spectacular if you can stomach the heights. Some 40 inscriptions, dating from...

Hindu Temple in Koh Ker

Prasat Leung

Some of the largest linga (phallic symbols) in Cambodia can still be seen in a cluster of four temples about 1km northeast of Prasat Thom, collectively known as the linga temples. The largest is found in Prasat...

Landmark in Koh Ker


South of Prasat Thom is a 1185m-by-548m baray (reservoir) known as the Rahal. It is fed by the Sen River, which supplied water to irrigate the land in this arid area.