Top ChoiceLake in Ban Lung

Boeng Yeak Lom

Boeng Yeak Lom

At the heart of the protected area of Boeng Yeak Lom is a beautiful, emerald-hued crater lake set amid the vivid greens of the towering jungle. It is one of the most peaceful, beautiful locations Cambodia has to...

Top ChoiceInternational in Ban Lung

Cafe Alee

This friendly cafe has one of the more interesting menus in town, including a generous smattering of vegetarian options, a hearty lasagne and the full gamut of Khmer food. Be sure to check the exciting specials...

Top ChoiceInternational in Ban Lung

Green Carrot

A great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that turns out surprisingly sophisticated food, including healthy salads, sandwiches and wraps, plus a good range of Khmer favourites. It even does a decent burger and...

Waterfall in Ban Lung

Chaa Ong

The tallest and most spectacular of the three waterfalls west of town is 25m-high Chaa Ong. It's set in a jungle gorge and you can clamber behind the waterfall or venture underneath for a power shower. However,...

Waterfall in Ban Lung

Ka Tieng

This is the most enjoyable of the three waterfalls west of Ban Lung, as it drops over a rock shelf, allowing you to clamber all the way behind. There are some vines on the far side that are strong enough to swing...

Cambodian in Ban Lung

Ta Nam

Locals flock to this restaurant one block east of the market for wholesome Cambodian and Chinese breakfasts, including steaming bowls of noodle soup – guaranteed to give an energy boost ahead of a trek in the...

International in Ban Lung

Pteas Bay Khmer

Ratanakiri Boutique Hotel's wooden restaurant has an imposing setting above the shores of Boeng Kansaign, making it a good stop by day or night. The menu includes some classic Cambodian dishes, homemade pasta and...

Cambodian in Ban Lung

Coconut Shake Restaurant

The best coconut shakes in the northeast cost just 4000r at this expansive place overlooking the lake. It has fried noodles and other Khmer fare if you're feeling peckish.

Coffee in Ban Lung

Crush Cafe

Thick espressos and iced lattes, ultrafriendly English-language service and strong wi-fi make this cute little coffee shop the best in the region.

Village in Ban Lung


Given that Ratanakiri means ‘hill of the precious stones’, it's hardly surprising that gem mining is big business in the province. Bokheo is a gem mining centre, 29km east of Ban Lung. Locals dig a large pit in...

Lake in Ban Lung

Lumkut Lake

Lumkut is a large crater lake hemmed in by dense forest on all sides, similar to the more illustrious and accessible Boeng Yeak Lom. To get to the lake, turn south off the highway to O'Yadaw about 33km east of...

Waterfall in Ban Lung

Bei Srok

Bei Srok is a popular waterfall with seven gentle tiers. It’s about 20km east of Lumphat. You can also get here on a rough road that leads south/southwest from Boeng Yeak Lom. Many Ban Lung tour companies offer...

Waterfall in Ban Lung


Kinchaan is impressively set against jungle foliage and offers some swimming holes.The turn-off to Kinchaan is on the left (south) side of NH78 200m west of the abandoned bus station. Drive 5.5km along a dirt...

Bar in Ban Lung

Banlung Reggae Bar

Ban Lung may be about as far as you can get from the Cambodian coast, but you'll still find a reggae bar ruling the backpacker bar scene. A tip: stick to beer. The name-brand liquors advertised are actually local...

Cambodian in Ban Lung

Rith Any Banh Chav

The owner here specialises in banh chev – a dish of meat, baby shrimps, sprouts, veggies and spices wrapped inside a thin egg pancake that's wrapped inside a lettuce leaf, and dipped in a zesty sweet-chilli sauce.

Indian in Ban Lung


It's Ban Lung, not Brick Lane, but the extensive range of Indian flavours on offer here is a welcome relief from the over familiar Ratanakiri menu of Cambodian dishes, burgers and pasta.