Top things to do

Cambodian in Sen Monorom

Khmer Kitchen

This unassuming street-side eatery whips up some of the most flavoursome Khmer food in the hills. The kari saik trey (fish coconut curry) and other curries are particularly noteworthy, plus they also offer a smatter…
International in Sen Monorom

Green House Restaurant & Bar

As well as internet access and tour information on the menu, Green House is a popular place for inexpensive Khmer and Western dishes. It also doubles as bar by night with cheap beer and cheeky cocktails set to a sou…
Pizza in Sen Monorom

Mondulkiri Pizza

The big electric oven here churns out the best pizzas in the hills. They can also deliver to your door if you're feeling lazy after a long trek.
Cafe in Sen Monorom

Hefalump Cafe

A collaboration of various NGOs and conservation groups in town, this cafe doubles as a training centre for Bunong people in hospitality. Local coffee or Lavazza, a range of teas, and some delicious homemade cakes m…
Cambodian in Sen Monorom

Coffee Plantation Resort

As the name suggests, it's set on the grounds of an extensive coffee plantation, but offers some excellent local flavours, as well as the homegrown coffee. The banh chaeuv savoury pancakes are a wholesome meal for j…
Waterfall in Sen Monorom

Monorom Falls

A 10m drop into a popular swimming hole, Monorom Falls is lovely if you can beat the crowds. From the west side of the air strip, head northwest for 2.3km, turn left and proceed 1.5km. There's no legible sign at the…
Waterfall in Sen Monorom

Bou Sra Waterfall

Plunging into the dense Cambodian jungle below, this is one of the country’s most impressive falls. Famous throughout the country, this double-drop waterfall has an upper tier of some 10m and a spectacular lower tie…
Landmark in Sen Monorom

Kouprey Roundabout

This roundabout includes a statue of the kouprey, a wild cow that was once the national animal of Cambodia (but is now believed to be extinct).
Buddhist Temple in Sen Monorom

Wat Phnom Doh Kromom

Looming over the northeast corner of the air strip, Wat Phnom Doh Kromom has Mondulkiri’s best sunset vista – a wooden platform lets you take in the views. Continue another 5km north beyond to the wat for Samot Cheu…
Bakery in Sen Monorom

Cafe Phka

Taught the art of baking by some Swedish residents in Sen Monorom, this is the source of the delicious cakes that turn up in the Hefalump Cafe each day. Try carrot cake or banana and cinnamon cake, or go healthy wit…