Top things to do in Kratie

Top Choice Cambodian in Kratie

Tokae Restaurant

Look out for Cambodia's largest tokae (gecko) on the wall and you've found this excellent little eatery. The menu offers a good mix of cheap Cambodian food such as curries and amok (a baked fish dish), plus equally …
Wildlife Reserve in Kratie

Mekong Turtle Conservation Centre

This wildlife conservation centre is located within the temple grounds of Wat Sorsor Moi Roi in Sambor, about 35km north of Kratie. Established by Conservation International (, it is home to sev…
International in Kratie

Pete's Pizza Pasta & Cafe

Get your home fix of pizza, pasta, toasties and salads at this internationally run riverfront cafe; it is also the base for Sorya Kayaking Adventures. The menu includes homemade bakery items such as pumpkin bread, m…
Buddhist Temple in Kratie

Wat Roka Kandal

About 2km south of Kratie on the road to Chhlong is this beautiful little temple dating from the 19th century, one of the oldest in the region. To see the beautifully restored interior, ask around for someone with t…
International in Kratie

Jasmine Boat Restaurant

Occupying a prime location overlooking Kratie's busy ferry dock, this is the only place on the riverbank in town. The boat-shaped restaurant has a mixed menu of affordable Khmer specials and pricey international cut…
Buddhist Temple in Kratie

Phnom Sombok

Phnom Sombok is a small hill with an active wat, located on the road from Kratie to Kampi. The hill offers the best views across the Mekong on this stretch of the river and a visit here can easily be combined with a…
International in Kratie

Red Sun Falling

One of the liveliest spots in town, the long-running Red Sun has a relaxed cafe ambience, a good riverfront location, used books for sale and a good selection of Asian and Western meals.
Village in Kratie


Chhlong is a somnolent riverside town 31km south of Kratie. The main attraction is the old governor’s residence, a gorgeous, yellow-and-white French colonial mansion near the river. Once a top-end boutique hotel, it…
Buddhist Pagoda in Kratie

Wat Sorsor Moi Roi

Located 35km north of Kratie in the village of Sambor, Wat Sorsor Moi Roi is thought to be the largest wat in Cambodia, complete with 108 columns. It was constructed on the site of a 19th-century wooden temple, a fe…