Kratie restaurants

Top Choice Cambodian in Kratie

Tokae Restaurant

Look out for Cambodia's largest tokae (gecko) on the wall and you've found this excellent little eatery. The menu offers a good mix of cheap Cambodian food such as curries and amok (a baked fish dish), plus equally …
International in Kratie

Pete's Pizza Pasta & Cafe

Get your home fix of pizza, pasta, toasties and salads at this internationally run riverfront cafe; it is also the base for Sorya Kayaking Adventures. The menu includes homemade bakery items such as pumpkin bread, m…
International in Kratie

Jasmine Boat Restaurant

Occupying a prime location overlooking Kratie's busy ferry dock, this is the only place on the riverbank in town. The boat-shaped restaurant has a mixed menu of affordable Khmer specials and pricey international cut…
International in Kratie

Red Sun Falling

One of the liveliest spots in town, the long-running Red Sun has a relaxed cafe ambience, a good riverfront location, used books for sale and a good selection of Asian and Western meals.