Top things to do in Kompong Cham

Top Choice Cambodian in Kompong Cham

Smile Restaurant

Run by the Buddhism and Society Development Association (BSDA), this handsome nonprofit restaurant is a huge hit with the NGO crowd for its big breakfasts and authentic Khmer cuisine, such as char k'dau (stir-fry wi…
Buddhist Temple in Kompong Cham

Wat Maha Leap

Sacred Wat Maha Leap southeast of town is one of the last remaining wooden pagodas left in the country. More than a century old, this beautiful pagoda was only spared devastation by the Khmer Rouge because they conv…
Buddhist Temple in Kompong Cham

Wat Hanchey

Wat Hanchey is a hilltop pagoda 20km north of Kompong Cham that was an important centre of worship during the Chenla period when, as today, it offered some of the best Mekong views in Cambodia. The foundations of se…
Island in Kompong Cham

Koh Paen

For a supremely relaxing bicycle ride, it’s hard to beat Koh Paen, a rural island in the Mekong River, connected to the southern reaches of Kompong Cham town by an elaborate bamboo bridge (foreigner US$1) in the dry…
Buddhist Temple in Kompong Cham

Wat Nokor Bachey

The original fusion temple, Wat Nokor is a modern Theravada Buddhist pagoda squeezed into the walls of a 12th-century Mahayana Buddhist shrine of sandstone and laterite. It's located down a pretty dirt road just off…
Market in Kompong Cham

Kompong Cham Night Market

This is not a tourist night market in the conventional sense, but more a market by night for locals to browse stalls and snack out. It's a good place to sample inexpensive Cambodian food and there are plenty of drin…
International in Kompong Cham

Mekong Crossing

Occupying a prime corner on the riverfront, this old favourite serves an enticing mix of Khmer curries and Western favourites, such as big burgers and tasty sandwiches. Doubles as a popular bar by night and offers a…
International in Kompong Cham

Lazy Mekong Daze

One of the go-to places to gather after dark thanks to a mellow atmosphere, a pool table and a big screen for sports and movies. The menu includes a range of Khmer, Thai and French food, plus the best pizzas in town…
Cafe in Kompong Cham

Destiny Coffee House

This stylish cafe has relaxing sofas and a contemporary look. The international menu includes delicious hummus with dips, lip-smacking homemade cakes, breakfast burritos, salads and wraps.
Historic Building in Kompong Cham

Old French Lighthouse

Looming over the Mekong River opposite town is an old French lighthouse. For years it was an abandoned shell, but it's been renovated and features an incredibly steep and precarious staircase (more like a series of …