Dangers & Annoyances

Theft can be a problem on Koh Rong. Use lock-boxes if supplied in dorms, or leave valuables in your accommodation's safe.

In 2013 an American woman was murdered while hiking the jungle trail to Long Beach, and in 2015 there was an attempted attack on a Japanese tourist. Travellers – both male and female – should buddy up when walking in more isolated areas of the island, and on the beach late at night.

Koh Rong's full-tilt surge into tourism is not without problems that threaten the pristine environment that attracted travellers here in the first place. Many hastily knocked-up hostels and bars on Koh Tuch Beach don't have proper septic systems, with waste running directly into the sea, and the sand nearest the village can become strewn with trash. Apparently, business owners are working on getting septic tanks and cleaning up the beach.


Bring all the cash you think you'll need with you as there are no banks or ATMs on Koh Rong, or any of the other southern islands. If you do run out of money, Vagabonds, Bong's and Green Ocean offer money-lending services for a 10% fee.