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Top Choice International in Koh Kong City

Café Laurent

This chic waterfront cafe and restaurant offers atmospheric dining in over-water pavilions where you can sit back and watch the sunset while feasting on refined Western and Khmer cuisine. As well as French-accented …
Bar in Koh Kong City

Fat Sam’s

This informal, Welsh-run bar-restaurant has a decent selection of beers, spirits and wines and an impressive food menu that runs the full gamut from fish-and-chips and chilli con carne to authentic Khmer and Thai fa…
Seafood in Koh Kong City

Crab Shack

A family-run place over the bridge on Koh Yor, it’s known for perfect sunsets and heaping portions of fried crab with pepper (on request).
Bar in Koh Kong City

Paddy’s Bamboo Pub

Paddy’s angles for the backpacker market with US$1 beers, a pool table, and affordable Khmer food, plus some home-grown comfort flavours. If you're down to your last dollars, they also have extremely basic rooms out…
Beach in Koh Kong City

Koh Yor Beach

This long wind-swept beach is on the far (western) side of the peninsula that forms the west bank of the Koh Poi River opposite Koh Kong. Although it's not the world’s prettiest beach, it offers good shell-collectin…
Nature Reserve in Koh Kong City

Peam Krasaop Mangrove Sanctuary

Anchored to alluvial islands – some no larger than a house – this 260-sq-km sanctuary’s magnificent mangroves protect the coast from erosion, serve as a vital breeding and feeding ground for fish, shrimp and shellfi…
Buddhist Temple in Koh Kong City

Wat Neang Kok

This rocky promontory on the right (western) bank of the Koh Poi River is decorated with life-size statues demonstrating the violent punishments that await sinners in the Buddhist hell. This graphic tableau belongs …
Market in Koh Kong City

Psar Leu

The best cheap food stalls are in the southeast corner of Psar Leu; fruit stalls can be found near the southwest corner.
Seafood in Koh Kong City

Thmorda Crab House

For dining with a different perspective, head across the bridge to this attractive restaurant set on stilts over the river. Part of the Thmorda Garden Riverside Resort, the restaurant includes some private pavilions…
International in Koh Kong City

Seta Ice Cream

Seta covers most bases offering everything from pizza to curry, and baguettes to noodles, with breakfast options (US$1.50 to $4.50) thrown in for good measure. Its road-front terrace also doubles up as a popular dri…