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Top Choice Seafood in Kep


Of the longest-running restaurant-shacks in the crab market, this is the one most recommended by locals. Kimly does crab every which way – 27 ways, to be exact – all for US$6 to US$7, or supersize it for an extra tw…
Top Choice Park in Kep

Kep National Park

The interior of Kep peninsula is occupied by Kep National Park, where an 8km circuit, navigable by foot and mountain bike, winds through thick forest passing by wats and viewpoints. Quirky yellow signs point the way…
Top Choice Fusion in Kep

Sailing Club

With a small beach, breezy wooden bar and a wooden jetty poking out into the sea, this is one of Cambodia’s top sundowner spots. The Asian fusion food is excellent and you can get your crab fix here too. Try the Kep…
Fusion in Kep


Sitting right on the shoreline, this inviting alfresco restaurant on the road out toward the Rabbit Island pier boasts sleek furnishings, excellent food and fine views of Rabbit Island. Dishes are Asian (not necessa…
International in Kep

La Baraka

A breath of fresh air from the crab market's other identikit menus, La Baraka serves up a mix of European and Asian flavours with bags of seafood dishes such as swordfish carpaccio. For non-fish lovers there's also …
Bar in Kep


The terrace out back here is the best spot for a drink (or five) once the sun goes down. There's usually a few punters propping up the bar until midnight or so, which counts as a late night for Kep.
Cafe in Kep

Led Zep Cafe

A lovely, secluded cafe on the Kep National Park trail. Knocking back a chilled lime juice on the wide terrace with knock-out views overlooking the coast is the perfect pick-me-up after a hike.
Buddhist Temple in Kep

Wat Kiri Sela

This Buddhist temple sits at the foot of Phnom Kompong Trach, a dramatic karst formation riddled with more than 100 caverns and passageways. From the wat, an underground passage leads to a fishbowl-like formation, s…
International in Kep

Brise de Kep

Mixing up a selection of French and Asian dishes, this restaurant with sea views is strong on seafood specials, including tuna, barracuda and shellfish.
Seafood in Kep

Holy Crab

Memorably named Holy Crab has a good reputation with locals for its crab and other seafood dishes.