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Top Choice Market in Kep

Crab Market

Eating at the crab market – a row of wooden waterfront restaurants by a wet fish market – is a quintessential Kep experience. Fresh crabs fried with Kampot pepper are a taste sensation. Crabs are kept alive in pens …
International in Kep


The best breakfast in town is at the hotel Knai Bang Chatt, with an array of Khmer and Western morning favourites, fresh salad, pastries, à la carte eggs and more. The restaurant can also arrange a special menu for …
Deli in Kep

Deli's Kep

This new gourmet food store in Kep is earning high praise for its coppa, lomo, saucisson and other imported meats, along with top-notch pepper (100g for US$5 to US$8), coffee and craft booze. Grab a sandwich on the …
Fusion in Kep

Kep Sur Mer

Kep Sur Mer (more widely known as the Democrat) is part of a wave of slightly more upscale eateries that are gradually moving in on the crab-market scene. The crab cakes and crab amok (a baked seafood dish) are winn…
International in Kep

La Baraka

A breath of fresh air from the other crab-market restaurants' identical menus, La Baraka serves up a mix of European and Asian flavours with bags of seafood dishes such as swordfish carpaccio. For non-fish-lovers th…
Seafood in Kep


One of the longest-running restaurant-shacks in the crab market, Kimly does crab every which way – around 30 different ways, in fact – all for US$6 to US$8 (or supersize it for an extra two or three dollars). The Ka…
International in Kep

Brise de Kep

Mixing up a selection of French and Asian dishes, this restaurant with sea views is strong on seafood specials, including tuna, barracuda and shellfish.