Top Choice Park in Kep

Kep National Park

The interior of Kep peninsula is occupied by Kep National Park, where an 8km circuit, navigable by foot and mountain bike, winds through thick forest passing by wats and viewpoints. Quirky yellow signs point the way…
Buddhist Temple in Kep

Wat Kiri Sela

This Buddhist temple sits at the foot of Phnom Kompong Trach, a dramatic karst formation riddled with more than 100 caverns and passageways. From the wat, an underground passage leads to a fishbowl-like formation, s…
Farm in Kep

Kep Butterfly Farm

This small and beautifully kept flower-filled garden is home to myriad butterflies. You can cycle or motorbike here or hike here from the Kep National Park trail by taking the off-shooting 'Connection Path' track.
Beach in Kep

Coconut Beach

This 'beach' has dining platforms and food shacks, but not really any sand as such. It begins a few hundred metres southeast of Kep Beach, just past the town's famous giant crab statue.
Beach in Kep

Kep Beach

This handkerchief-sized strip of sand is Kep's only proper beach. In the pre-war period, powder-white sand was trucked in from other beaches and this practice began again in 2013, ensuring the beach is in better sha…
Island in Kep

Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)

If you like the rustic beachcomber lifestyle, Koh Tonsay's 250m-long main beach is for you, but come now as the island is tagged for development. The beach is one of the nicest of any of the Kep-area islands but don…
Statue in Kep

Giant Crab Statue

This oversized statue of a crab, sitting just offshore, proudly states what Kep is most famed for.
National Park in Kep

Kep National Park Entrance

The main entrance into Kep National Park is behind Veranda Natural Resort.
Statue in Kep

Sela Cham P'dey Statue

This statue depicts a nude fisher’s wife waiting for her husband to return.
Buddhist Temple in Kep

Wat Samathi

Sitting atop a hill overlooking Kep, this tranquil wat has gorgeous views over the coast. You can take the off-shooting 'Samathi Path' from Kep National Park's main trail to get here.