Cultural Centre in Kampot

Kampot Traditional Music School

During visitor hours you are welcome to observe traditional music and dance training sessions and/or performances at this school that trains children who are orphaned or have disabilities. Donations are very welcome…
Cave in Kampot

Phnom Chhnork

Phnom Chhnork is a short walk through a quilt of rice paddies from Wat Ang Sdok, where a monk collects the entry fee and a gaggle of friendly local kids offer their services as guides.From the bottom, a 203-step sta…
Cave in Kampot

Phnom Sorsia

Phnom Sorsia is home to several natural caves. From the parking area, a stairway leads up the hillside to a gaudy modern temple. From there, steps lead left up to Rung Damrey Saa (White Elephant Cave). A slippery, s…
Museum in Kampot

Kampot Provincial Museum

This tiny new museum, inside the finely-preserved French colonial–era Old Governor's Mansion, traces the history of Kampot and the outlying area, drawing on the knowledge and experience of Jean-Michel Filippi, a cul…
Farm in Kampot

Starling Farm

Has an onsite shop and restaurant. The farm doesn't run tours (or offer any information) but you can go have a look at the nearest pepper field by yourself. The scenery on the way out here from Kampot is the real hi…
Farm in Kampot

Sothy's Pepper Farm

By far the friendliest pepper farm to visit, Sothy's has a shop and offers short tours that explain the history and process behind the Kampot pepper industry. It's nearer to Kep than Kampot.
Bridge in Kampot

Old French Bridge

Destroyed during the Khmer Rouge period, Kampot's old French bridge was later repaired in a mishmash of styles. It's officially closed for safety reasons; locals simply climb over the barrier to walk across. Watch y…
Historic Building in Kampot

Old Cinema

The modernist facade of Kampot's old cinema is worth a look for architecture fans.
Historic Building in Kampot

Kampot Prison

You can view the beautiful, but hugely decrepit, French colonial–era old prison building from outside Kampot prison gate. The guards are used to tourists stopping by, but ask before you start taking photographs.
Historic Building in Kampot

Old Market

Kampot Old Market building actually isn't that old, with the art-deco–style concrete facade constructed during the 1930s. Various shops, travel agencies and cafes rim both sides of the building.