Historic Site in Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station

The once abandoned French retreat of Bokor Hill Station, inside the 1581-sq-km Bokor National Park is famed for its refreshingly cool climate and creepy derelict buildings that had their hey-day during the 1920s and…
National Park in Bokor Hill Station

Bokor National Park

Bokor's moist evergreen forests – with dry dipterocarp and mixed deciduous forests in the north – shelter a wide variety of rare and threatened animals, including the Indian elephant, leopard, Asiatic black bear, Ma…
Historic Building in Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Palace

Opened in 1925, this once grand hotel was a chief playground for hobnobbing French officials. As you wander through the building, you'll need your imagination to envisage the lavish interiors that adorned the opulen…
Church in Bokor Hill Station

Catholic Church

The squat belfry of the Romanesque-style Catholic church still holds aloft its cross, and fragments of glass brick cling to the corners of the nave windows; one side window holds the barest outline of a rusty crucif…
Buddhist Temple in Bokor Hill Station

Wat Sampov Pram

Lichen-caked Wat Sampov Pram (Five Boats Wat) offers tremendous views over the jungle to the coastline below, including Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island. Wild monkeys like to hang out around the wat.
Waterfall in Bokor Hill Station

Popokvil Falls

From the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, the road heads north to two-tiered Popokvil Falls, which are at their most impressive from July to October.