Cambodian in Battambang

Riverside Night Market

Locals in the mood for good-value Khmer food flock to about a dozen neon-lit eateries across the street from the Battambang Museum.
Cambodian in Battambang

White Rose

One of the longest-running restaurants in town, with a menu of good-value Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes, including soups, vegie options and delicious tukalok (fruit shakes).
Noodles in Battambang

Lan Chov Khorko Miteanh

More conveniently known as Chinese Noodle by resident foreigners, the Chinese chef here does bargain dumplings and serves fresh noodles a dozen or more ways, including with pork or duck soup.
Indian in Battambang

Flavours of India

The Battambang outpost of a popular Phnom Penh Indian restaurant, the inspiration for which came about when some curry-craving expats ordered takeaway all the way from the capital (290km to the southeast). Opt for t…